Seeds of Hope

The next book in my Journey of Hope series is a collection of Henri Nouwen writings gathered into a book called Seeds of Hope. Edited by Robert Durback, the book is now out of print and only used copies are available. Not sure what the publisher is thinking. You can’t find a better collection of Nouwen’s works.
In keeping with the pattern of past reviews, I’ll post quotes from the book:

“…often someone’s careful and honest articulation of the ambiguities, uncertainties, and painful conditions of life gives us new hope.”

“…our first task is not to offer information, advice, or even guidance, but to allow others to come into touch with their own struggles, pains, doubts, and insecurities — in short, to affirm their life as a quest.”

“Praying is letting one’s own heart become the place where the tears of God and the tears of God’s children can merge and become tears of hope.”

“Ministry is the profession of fools and clowns telling everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see that life is not a problem to be solved but  a mystery to be entered into.”

“Isn’t this what God is doing? Writing the divine word of hope in the midst of our dark world?”

“Hope is trusting that something will be fulfilled, but fulfilled according to the promises and not just according to our own wishes.”

“I have found it very important in my own life to let go of my wishes and start hoping. It was only when I was willing to let go of wishes that something really new, something beyond my own expectations, could happen to me.”

As usual, Nouwen has a way of expressing things that we intuitively sort of know … but had never quite put words to it. His new insights resonate so harmoniously with our hearts that we stop, stare, nod our heads, and say softly “exactly” as we read.

In a world desperately in need of encouragement, he shares insights magnifying our hope. Seeds of Hope is a perfect title.

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