Progress on the Book

Today is the last day of my writing sabbatical and I head home this afternoon. The book is coming together really well and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with David. We worked well together with many laughs and almost no disagreements. And the result is we have a solid working outline, more stories than we know what to do with, and all the Scripture references to back up the lessons in the stories.
One other positive step is a highly respected thought leader has agreed to write the foreward. I’m not sharing who it is just yet because so much can change in the months ahead, but he has agreed to write the foreward and I couldn’t be happier.

We still don’t have a title for the book but we do have a strong sub-title. Not only does the sub-title keep us focused as we shape the book, it also makes it easier to answer the inevitable question, “So what’s the book going to be about?” When I have more time I’ll share a better answer to that question.

For those of you who worked a little harder so I could have the margin to be away (especially D’Aun, but also Nick at Goble Properties and all the folks at PathLight), thank you!

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The Road to Character


The recently released book The Road to Character by David Brooks is my first “must read” recommendation of the year. The book looks at a variety of men and women, all leaders and inspirational thinkers, who built a strong inner character. Each faced different circumstances, had different weaknesses and strengths, lived in different eras, and overcame different challenges…. Read More

Book Update

Word Cloud

For some time now I’ve been thinking about a book and drafting ideas. A few months ago I hired a ghost writer, David, to help. And next week I begin the formal process of working with him. In advance of our time together David gave me homework assignments to write stories, ideas, chapter outlines, etc…. Read More

Middle East Christianity and RFRA


Cardinal Timothy Dolan has written a powerful call to action on the persecution of Middle East Christianity. Naturally CNN over dramatized it with the headline, “Will this be Christians’ last Easter in Iraq?” But the point of the article is powerful and troubling. Cardinal Dolan writes, “Rarely since the first century has the church in… Read More

Scary Close, by Donald Miller


For over a decade Donald Miller has been exploring his inner thoughts about the complexities of faith in a culture seeking to package our spiritual journey into something neat and tidy. His latest book Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy continues the story. It explores the messiness of relationships and the beauty to be found… Read More